The reception area on the ground floor of the Chapel very often houses a number of exhibitions. In such periods, our two permanent papier maché works there, the “European House” (illustrating our name: “Chapel for Europe”) and the “Clock of Salvation” with the Resurrection in its centre (conveying a message of hope) are moved aside to make room for modern icons, photos, paintings, or other works of art.

We hold a wide variety of exhibitions. Some invite you to enter into the spiritual world and share the Good News with you (e.g. “Modern Icons” and the painting exhibition “Ancient Wisdom – Modern Art”), others help you find hope to be discovered in everyday life (e.g. the painting exhibition “Home of Inspiration”), some help you explore social issues and how to live sustainably (e.g. “Conflict Minerals” and the photo exhibition “Inspiring Change”), whilst others inspire you with eminent characters such as “Edith Cavel”, or inspire interreligious dialogue (Visages de Jerusalem, Faces of Jerusalem photo exhibition).

The exhibitions usually last from two weeks to three months. You can participate in the official opening celebrations (vernissages), to meet the artists and discuss with friends. You can also drop in Mon-Fri between 11:00 and 15:00 to contemplate the art at your leisure.

When: See our monthly agendas
Where: Ground-floor reception space, Chapel for Europe
Contact: welcome@chapelforeurope.eu