Workshops & training

Alongside its other activities, the Chapel for Europe also proposes a diverse array of interactive workshops and training courses as scope for further development and a means of gaining a deeper understanding of our faith. Courses may focus on spiritual aspects, or aspects related to personal and professional development and they often include practical exercises. These courses foster a sense of community, whilst also aiming to enrich individuals.

Some of our courses last half a day, like our workshops on different forms of prayer and meditation, the art of discernment, masculine and feminine spirituality, or time and self-management, to name but a few.

However, other courses are spread across the whole year, with meetings e.g. twice a month,
like our Conflict Resolution course, covering innovative ways to use communication and negotiation tools to improve relationships with people at home and at work, or the Zacchaeus Course – a programme based on the social teaching of the Church to help you achieve unity between your Christian faith and everyday life.

When: See our monthly agendas
Where: 2nd floor, Chapel for Europe