Sunday Masses and Celebrations

Sunday Mass for Young European Professionals (Catholic):

Are you looking for a lively Sunday mass? Do you want to meet people like you, who are young, European, and Christian? Come and join us! In the heart of the EU district, we meet every two weeks to celebrate Sunday mass together.

The service is in English and French. After the mass, we have a traditional drink and chat.

When: Every Sunday of the month at 19:00 (during Chapel opening times).
Where: Mass in the Chapel, drink and chat in our ground-floor reception space

Children’s Mass (Catholic)

OnLa messe a lieu une fois par mois, vérifiez :

There is a Sunday Mass for children, animated by the parents. The Mass is especially aimed at children aged 0-6 years.

The children stay on the big carpet in front of the altar, surrounded by their parents.

The service is adapted for children including songs, homily and liturgy, to involve them as much as possible, and lasts 45 minutes (60 minutes with arrival and arranging the carpets back).

This mass is celebrated in French, with some words in English for the parents.

Afterward, the families get together for a brief snack and a chat.

Breastfeeding is welcome, changing napkins is possible, and there is a toilet available and an elevator for strollers in the chapel.

Families from other Christian denominations are welcome, according to the ecumenical spirit of the Chapel (the celebration follows the catholic liturgy).

Parents are welcome to join the organizing parents’ team, regularly or occasionally, with:

– music during the mass (guitar, piano, singing, or other)

– activity/animation based on Sunday’s gospel (coloring, collage, other)

– fruits/healthy snacks after the mass

When: Every Last Sunday of the Month at 11h – (please check the calendar for possible changes)
Where: Mass in the Chapel, get-together after the mass in our ground-floor reception space







Finnish Seamen’s Mission Sunday Celebration (Protestant)

The Finnish Seamen’s Mission (Finnish: Suomen Merimieskirkko ry) whose center is not far from the Chapel for Europe, was established to help Finns traveling abroad, particularly seafarers and migrant workers. It is a Christian organization which, as well as providing church services and pastoral care, also aims to provide cultural and social services for the Finnish community.

The Finnish Seamen’s Mission works in close cooperation with the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Finland. The celebrations are led by Finnish Lutheran pastors.

When: Sunday and during the week Services. Please check the dates and times  Suomen Merimieskirkko Belgiassa
Where: The Chapel

Contact: Suomen Merimieskirkko Belgiassa

Sunday Mass in Esperanto (Catholic)

Four times a year a Sunday Mass in the Esperanto language is celebrated in the Chapel. There are handouts with the texts of the liturgy. The Mass is followed by a drink and a chat.

Esperanto’s (*1887) vocation is to be a bridge between people of different languages who otherwise would not understand each other well. It has only 16 rules of grammar. 75% of its vocabulary comes from the Romance languages, and 20% is of Germanic origin. A system of prefixes and suffixes makes it one of the most flexible languages. It has an inexhaustible vocabulary and nevertheless is very easy to learn.

When: see our monthly agendas
Where: Mass in the Chapel, get-together after the Mass on our 2nd floor