May 19


03:00 pm - 06:30 pm


Chapel for Europe

rue Van Maerlant 22-24

Brussels, Belgium, 1040



“When I tell my problems the other person gets very defensive. And I have to repeat it again, and again, because they don’t seem to understand what I want to say. Actually, I hate conflicts, it’s a lot of stress, lot of energy, and mostly I finish by being hurt.”

“I have a high stress-resistance, and don’t have any issues with conflicting situations. However, people seem to be sooo sensitive, and we lose a lot of time with the emotional ni-na-nah. I wish we could resolve things faster and people would not get upset so easily.”

If these sentences sound familiar to you fully or partly, then this workshop is for you.

We will learn:

– How to express needs and problems openly and honestly without blame, criticism or finger-pointing
– What strategy to follow in a conflicting discussion to reduce the “heat” and have more understanding
– Spiritual inspirations which can help (reconciliation with God, with the others, with myself).

The workshop will be practice oriented, only a minimum amount of theory will be introduced to support the other parts: most of the time will be spent with personal activity, peer-exchange, and times for silence during the workshop.

The workshops will be led by:
Krystian Sowa, -A Jesuit experienced in giving the Spiritual Exercises of St Ignatius of Loyola- An engineer experienced in coaching both managers and young professionals. -Will focus on the important links between spiritual and professional life.

Oliver Kozák, -Continuous Improvement senior advisor experienced in process improvement, personal and team efficiency, and leadership development for better performance. – Will focus on the important links between professional and spiritual life.

The trainers will also share their own experience.

Main language will be English.


-15:00 sharp introduction and the first part

-16:40 tea/coffee break

-17:00 second part and evaluation

-18:30 end

There will be a possibility to attend the Sunday Mass for Young Europeans at 19:00 at the Chapel (celebrated in EN/FR)

The contribution of 10€ to the running costs of the Chapel, workshop materials and coffee break will be asked.

The training itself is offered by the Chapel and free of costs