September 29


09:30 am - 10:00 pm


Chapel for Europe

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Chapel for Europe

Rue Van Maerlant, 22-24

Brussels, Belgium

One-day bike pilgrimage at the end of the social year for all friends of the Chapel.


We will gather at 9:30 in Brussels Central Station,
next to the ticket offices inside the main entrance.

Estimated return time to Brussels Central Station:
22:00 at the latest.

No need to have your own bike.
We will all rent Belgian Railway bikes (this will aid the logistics and there is not much price difference).
There might be some exceptions: eg. if someone has a bike especially adapted for kids.

We will travel by train to Bruges.
Then we will rent bikes at the train station (special ‘Train & Bike’ tickets).

We will follow the so-called `Sint-Trudo route’.
According to the guide, the route is 40.5 km, following the Bruges-Damme canal and then along scenic country roads.
The route is flat and generally should not cause difficulties.

There are two main places of religious interest: the Holy Blood Basilica in Bruges and Our Lady Church in Damme.
Picnic and coffee on the way. We will celebrate a Mass in Damme or Bruges (to be specified later).

Please bring a picnic with you and suitable clothes.
Prayers for good weather are also welcome 🙂

Estimated costs: about 25€ (train and bike) plus the price of tea/coffee on the way.