Last March 9th 2022 The Chapel organized an online conference on Individual Spirituality and the Role of the Catholic Church.

Seeing that nowadays people are trying to construct their own individual path outside the Churches.  We ask ourselves why did that happen? How can we today reconcile century-old traditions with individual spiritual needs?

This was a participative online interview with Doris Reisinger that examined all these questions. Dr. Reisinger-Wagner is a theologian, philosopher, and author of numerous publications. She is an Associate Professor at the Goethe University Frankfurt/Main and a Member of the Gender, Sex and Power Project at Notre Dame University Indiana. Her ongoing research project aims at sketching out the basic outlines of a theory of spirituality that does justice to spirituality in its religious as well as in its non-religious forms.

The interview was led by Elisabeth Razesberger, President of the Board, Chapel for Europe.