On the eve of Europe Day (9 May), the network of Christian movements “Together for Europe” organized a face-to-face and distance learning meeting in Belgium on the theme “Europe: Artisans of Peace” Reconciliation and Solidarity, in partnership with the Chapel for Europe in Brussels.

Four approaches to solidarity were presented through short videos made by our movements. We were privileged to welcome Pastor Walter Kriechbaum from Munich and his wife Annemarie from the International YMCA Movement who shared with us some years of experiences of reconciliation undertaken in Germany, Poland, and Ukraine, in order to heal the wounds of the Second World War. They also give short teaching based on Scripture and faith in Christ, followed by a time of prayer.

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TOGETHER FOR EUROPE is a network of 400 Christian movements and communities in 15 European countries. While retaining their autonomy, they work together towards common goals, contributing their own charisma. More information on the website www.together4europe.org/fr/

You can watch the video (in French) below: