April 25


07:30 pm - 09:00 pm

Event Category:

conference, Human Rights, Religion


Chapel for Europe


Chapel for Europe

Rue Van Maerlantstraat 22-24

Brussels, 1040

“May Truth embolden us……An evening in memory of Stan Swamy,sj  (The words are from Stan Swamy’s New Year’s poem from prison)

The Chapel for Europe and the Jesuit Social Centre (JESC) invite you for an evening of prayer and reflexion on April 25th at 19:30 in honor of Stan Swamy, sj, on the eve of his 87th birth anniversary.

 Fr Swamy dedicated his life to the promotion and defense of the rights of indigenous tribes and marginalized communities in the Indian state of Jharkhand. He studied social analysis in Belgium and used it to train hundreds of social activists throughout India. Fr Swamy, then 83 and suffering from Parkinson’s disease, was arrested in October 2020 and incarcerated under a draconian anti-terror law along with 15 renowned activists, academics and lawyers. He died in judicial custody in July 2021, having been denied bail despite his physical condition and his denial of all the charges against him. Civil society in India revers him as a martyr for social justice.

19.30: conference on the life and works of Fr Stan Swamy, its context and relevance today, by Fr Denzil Fernandes, sj from the Indian Social Institute, Delhi, followed by an exchange with the attendance
20.30: time of prayer in commemoration of Fr Swamy’s life
21.00: simple reception