March 27


07:00 pm - 08:30 pm

Event Category:

Film, Sharing, Society


Chapel for Europe


Chapel for Europe

Rue Van Maerlant 22-24

Brussels, 1040

This event will be conducted in English, and is organized jointly with  CathoBel.
Following our round table discussion on Matriarchy and Migration held on the 20th of March, and in commemoration of the International Women’s Day, we are thrilled to extend to you a special invitation to our upcoming Movie Night.
On Wednesday, the 27th of March at 19:00, we will be showcasing five distinct short documentaries spotlighting matriarchal societies that thrive in the present day. These extraordinary women have emerged as the influential voices within their communities, whether rooted in ancient traditions, the imperative of survival, or transformative shifts within their social structures.
Join us as we delve into their dreams, confront their realities, and contemplate their futures, drawing inspiration that may resonate with our own life journeys.
Following the screenings, we will engage in an interactive sharing and discussion session, facilitated by:
Tetiana Romanchenko, PhD, university professor and digital marketing expert. Tetiana was raised in Ukraine by two women, mother and grandmother.